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Enerpac Hydraulic Oil


Enerpac Hydraulic Oil

All oils are not alike. The correct oil will protect moving parts and will not damage seals.
Using the wrong oil will damage your equipment and lead to malfunctions. Use Enerpac premium hydraulic oil.
The most important oil characteristic is viscosity. Heat is also an important factor.

NOTE: SAE grades do not apply to hydraulic oil.

Table Data

See the chart below for details.

Characteristic Enerpac Specifications Effects
Viscosity 42-45 SUS @ 210⁰F
[5.3-5.4 cSt @100⁰C]
150-165 SUS @ 100⁰F
[30-32 cSt @ 40⁰C]
Viscosity describes the ability of an oil to flow. If the oil is too thin, there is not enough lubrication. If the oil is too thick, it will not flow fast enough to perform as required.
Operating Temperature 150⁰F [65⁰C] maximum High temperatures also cause seal damage. In general, if the system is too hot to touch, it is too hot to use.

REMEMBER: Always dispose of used oil properly. Observe local ordinances. Do not mix used hydraulic oil with other fluids.

Oil Specifications Chart: LX Oil HF Oil
ISO Grade 15 32
Viscosity Index 101 min 100 min
Viscosity at 210 °F 3.2/3.7 S.U.S. 42/45 S.U.S.
Viscosity at 100 °F 13.5/16.5 S.U.S 150/165 S.U.S.
Viscosity at 0 °F <2100 S.U.S. <12000 S.U.S.
API Gravity 31.0/35.0 31.0/33.0
Flash, C.O.C. °F 370 375
Pour Point, °F -30 -25
Paraffinic Base Color Yellow Blue
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