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About AD Automotion


Opening for operations in Melbourne in 1987, AD Automation has stood the test of time as a small business, producing quality work for industrial and automotive applications in various forms. Our story starts even earlier than that, with the company having been founded all the way back in 1973.

Over the last 40+ years, AD Automation has developed, manufactured and installed a wide variety of Quick Die Change (QDC) systems in manufacturing presses ranging from 60 to 1250 Tonne capacity, to a large number of elite manufacturing companies including complete press lines for Mitsubishi Motors Australia Ltd., General Motors-Holden’s Automotive Ltd as well as Ford’s Stamping Plant.


AD Automation has moved with the times, adapting as industrial climates change, diversifying from our automotive roots. We’ve become an ENERPAC specialist and a local supplier for Lincoln Lubrication systems, pneumatic, fittings and industrial supplies.

With our deep industrial knowledge and industry connections, we service big customers in aerospace, mining, rail, food and beverage, and recycling industries, as well as research and development with local Universities.

Extensive range of Hydraulic components, have had cylinders refurbished and purchased new Enerpac cylinders here. Plenty of visitors parking available and prompt response to my enquiries.

Chris, Melbourne

About Enerpac

Elite tools. For elite professionals.

Enerpac combines technical excellence with proven performance – every day, every year, year after year. We believe that customers shouldn’t have to compromise – they can rest easy knowing that even in the most complex situations, their reputations and productivity are protected by the most trusted industrial tools and services available.


Q: What hydraulic pump do I need for my application?

Hydraulic gear pump selection depends on the number of factors such as: required oil flow rate, desired working pressure of the application, hydraulic cylinder oil volume displacement, speed of the hydraulic motor and desired torque of the pump. We strongly advise to collect all the data explained above prior to the gear pump purchase.

Q: How many types of hydraulic cylinders are there?

The three most common hydraulic cylinder configurations are piston hydraulic cylinders, telescopic hydraulic cylinders and plunger hydraulic cylinders

Q: What is the difference between double and single acting hydraulic cylinders?

  • Double-Acting (DAT) – have a port for each side, supplied with hydraulic fluid for both, the retraction and extension. Used for power up – power down applications. 
  • Single-Acting (SAT) – hydraulic fluid enters through a port on one end of the cylinder, which extends the rod by means of area difference. An external force or gravity returns the piston rod inside.

Q: What are the common causes of hydraulic cylinder failure?

  1. Side loading
  2. Contaminated Fluid
  3. Rough or scored rod
  4. Aggressive Environment
  5. Dieseling effect